Yellow Magnolias

I have been looking through images from 2018. My goal is to clear out the unusable images, but of course I get distracted by the ones that might actually work and don’t get terrifically far in my task. (I’m so easily distracted!)

I shot the flower because I am rather entranced by the yellow magnolia. (The first time I spotted it was in 2016. Prior to that I didn’t know they existed.)

When I happened upon this image the other day I thought, “Well shoot, I guess I missed them this year!” Seeing as the one below as done on February 7 I was pretty certain I wouldn’t see them now.

But I was wrong.

I walked to the tree’s location today, and it is full of blooms! I have just put the images into Lightroom and I’m hoping I’ll get something print-worthy.

For now, though, have this older image:

Yellow Magnolia, 2.7.18Yellow_Magnolia,_2.7.18.jpg


I had grown tired of the theme of this site, so I was investigating other options. While doing so I accidentally activated one I didn’t like. Having totally forgotten the name of the theme I was using I had to quickly find something that would suffice as I check out more themes. (Is there one that makes the main area, where images are shown, larger? Surely so?! )

Meanwhile, have this image. I spotted this on a wall when Dan and I were on a walk in Le Marais, back in 2018. There were other hearts on walls nearby. It was sweet.

MON COEUR, 9.1.18