Tis the Season

Yes, it’s Leucadendron season in my little area. I’m seeing them everywhere. (I have read that they bloom in fall, winter, and spring, so I suppose it’s nearly always Leucadendron season, though!) I still remember the first time I saw them and took a photo of some. They are all around this area, but I’d just not paid any attention to them. Once I photographed them, though, I spotted them all the time when they were doing their colorful thing. I love these South African plants.

When I was shooting this morning it was quite overcast, somewhat dark, and a bit misty, so the yellow of these plants glowed in a lovely way.

Leucadendron (I), 1.30.20

From Today’s Walk

Today’s 5.8 mile walk was delightful: the weather was good for a brisk walk. The wind, though, meant I didn’t stop a lot for photos. Still, there’s always something!

I couldn’t remember the name of this flower. Thankfully someone alerted me to a Facebook group that has identified four flowers I’ve posted at this point. They really know their plant life! This flower is Allium triquetrum, but the greenery around it (which was also identified … thanks Nigel!) is Arum italicum. You know you wanted to know that!

First Shot: Allium triquetrum, 1.29.20

Still Learning

I’m continuing to adjust to using my Canon Mirrorless R. Today I went out for a walk with the camera and my go-to 100mm lens. It’s heavier than the 35mm that I recently purchased, but I am used to it, I like how close I can get, and I just find it more satisfying. I do believe, though, that I need to rethink an acceptable shutter speed. I find I have to trash a lot more photos when I review them.

This image is from today’s walk. I think it will suffice, but had I been using my Rebel it would have been sharper, I’m sure.

Euphorbia, 1.27.20