First Shot (in a long, long time)

I’ve not felt like using my camera for quite a while. Aside from a couple of insect “record shots” (nothing worth printing but just interesting to post on Facebook or Instagram), I have not used my Canon since August 11th. Yes. Really. Between our very smoky days, Covid, and just the general yuckiness of the times we are living in my interest in doing photography had pretty much disappeared.

But TODAY … well … today is the day my Farmgirl Flowers will arrive! (I bought myself a little present with my fun money: a monthly flower delivery!) And that somehow spurred me on to take the camera on my 6+ mile walk (it was longer than I’d planned: when I looked at my watch I thought it said I’d gone 4.3 when I guess it really said 5.3. Oh well … better too many miles than too few!) and see what I’d find.

I didn’t shoot a lot, but I at least did a bit. This first shot isn’t perfect, but you know me and my “first shots” … I can’t lie about those! This was made at a house that I’ve visited frequently: they have a natural garden in front — with a sign and all from Nature Conservancy verifying the garden. They also now have a for sale sign in front. We have TONS of those now. People are escaping this area. I would too, but there are a few things that keep us here. At least for now.

In any case, here is my first shot … and hooray, the Farmgirl Flowers have arrived so off I go!

First Shot: Cosmos, 10. 8.20