Tulip Time (I) and (II)

I have some card sets that I think I neglected to post about, yet they’ve been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. With the approaching holidays, I thought it was about time I got to work on sharing these. There will, I am certain, be even more. So if you would like to avoid shopping in stores, do take a gander at all the card sets I have available!

Tulip Time (I)

Tulip Time (II)

From A Recent Trip

It takes me a very long time to go through photos I made after I get back from a trip. Sometimes, in fact, it takes years. I get home, download (or is that upload? I can never figure that out!) them, and then I seem to move on. It’s actually rather fun to then “discover” the photos a few years down the line.

But of course I always want to at least share something soon after a trip, so I worked on this image today. This was from the start of trip. We began in the Eastern Sierra, enjoying the colors of the season.

Rocks & Trees above Bishop, 10.13.21