Wishing for a Bravery Flower

If there were a bravery flower I would gladly take one. Or, really, I think I’d take a bouquet of them. NO. Make that two bouquets. Because right now I’m not feeling much bravery: I’m back to work (symphony) and nerves kick in nice and strong. Funny how that goes.

But why are there no flowers for bravery?

OH WAIT! I looked up “what flower symbolizes bravery?” and I came up with one. Voilà!

Pink, Yellow, & Purple Gladiolus, 6.6.17

For A Monday Afternoon

… and for a friend who loves water drops!

I finally went on a walk with my camera. This is the first time I ventured out this month with it, and the month is nearly over! I decided to head to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden (a decent 3.5 miles away) and see what I might find. I was happy to see the roses looking lovely. At first the cloud cover was perfect for photography, and there was little or no wind. That lasted for nearly 100 clicks of the camera … then the sun popped out, and the wind told me it was time to leave. If tomorrow morning is the same as today I just might head back there again. Time will tell.

I shot a number of this rose, called Stiletto, a Meilland International hybrid tea.. The vibrant color was pretty crazy, and add water drops on top of that and it was great fun to work with!

Stiletto Rose with Water Drops, 9.27.21

A Sunday Afternoon Rose

To be honest, I have shared this before … twice in fact. The first time I shared it in June of 2018 it was as a Sunday morning rose. Turns out I must have forgotten and shared it again as a Sunday morning rose just a few weeks later. Oops! But I’m sharing it now because I reworked it a bit. Since posting things in 2018 I’ve changed some things about how I see and what I like. So here … have a Sunday afternoon rose:

White Rose with Pistil and Stamen (IIa), 5.4.18