A friend is thinking of purchasing a print of the bee photo I put up yesterday, and that got me searching for other buggy shots.

I think bugs are awful cute sometimes. Of course much of the time they are munching on the flowers. Ah well. Cute but hungry, I guess. Do click on each image to see them larger.

Grasshopper on Pink, 9.10.13
Little Green Bug on a Borage Flower, 5,8.18
Lookin’ at You, 10.2.14

A Bug

I don’t know my bugs, so I’ve no clue what this is. It was tiny, I can tell you that. This is half of the actual image, as I cropped it so he can be more easily seen.

Well, okay. Maybe she. I haven’t a clue!

I don’t know what the plant is either. I guess this is a clueless post.

Bug on Yellow, 6.21.19

From Today’s Walk

I’m not a fan of wasps, and I do believe that is what this is (someone please correct me if I’m wrong!), but I love to photograph insects. Just because. I knew, too, that he was too busy with the flower to care about bugging me!

I’ve always thought that wasps were good for nothing, but I’ve now read that they DO manage to kill other bad bugs in the garden, so I guess I won’t despise them as much as I used to.

Wasp on a Succulent (I, II, III), 5.20.19

A Little Buggy

I took a six mile walk today. I can’t say I had much energy for it, but the camera still comes out, and I did manage to get back home even while my feet were dragging.

I think this little guy might be a young katydid Miridae (thank you, Kirsten Pearsons!), but I’m not certain. I have a niece who could probably tell me in an instant, though. (And she did!)

Little Green Bug on a Borage Flower, 5.8.18Little_Green_Bug_on_a_Borage_Flower,_5.8.18.jpg