Flower Identification

I’m pretty good about finding the names of flowers. The internet is a helpful thing, as are the books I own. On our drive home from Bridgeport, though, I found a flower that didn’t appear in my books and wasn’t showing up online when I did my initial search. I’m stubborn, though, so I was bound and determined to find out what it was.


I started by sharing the image with the Facebook community, along with Google+ and Ello (does anyone use Ello?!). I also put it up on Flickr flower identification sites. I wasn’t getting anywhere.

It’s a pretty lovely flower, surely someone must have images of it!? So I put it in to image search on Google, cropping the image down to a smaller size to see if it would find something similar.


Nope. Still not finding it.

Finally I search on “fliower identification western united states”. Ah-hah! I landed at a site that allows one to zoom in on a more specific area and there was something that sure looked similar!

I then searched on the name of the flower, and landed on a hiker’s site (a very enjoyable blog, by the way) that made me nearly certain I had the name. I confess I’m still not 100% positive, but I’m hopeful — hopeful enough to title it. For now.

(Reminder to self: get better images of leaves. They are frequently necessary in identification.)

Oregon Checkerbloom, 8.8.17
(Sidalcea oregana)