TWO One Years Ago Today

I’m stuck at home: Dan has a delivery coming, but I couldn’t walk even if he didn’t: my foot injury still isn’t allowing me to wear shoes without limping horribly. So home I stay, and more cleaning and photo sorting is taking place, along with oboe work.

In some ways being “grounded” is rather nice!

The photos below are from one TWO years ago today (clearly I had an issue with what year it is now at first!), and were taken right outside our front door. It had rained, and our calla lily was calling out for attention, so I obliged. I love it when these bloom and I tend to pick a few and put them on our dining room table.

I just looked out the window at our plant. No inflorescence yet, and it apperas that we have fewer stalks as well. I don’t tend them, so I get whatever I get each year.

The plant is interesting; what many call the “flower” is actually the inflorescence. The white part of that is a bract and is called the spathe and the yellow is the spadix. The actual flowers are found on the spadix. And no, the plant isn’t really a lily even while it is called arum lily, trumpet lily or calla lily. It’s Latin name is Zantedeschia aethiopica. Take note: it is poisonous to both humans and animals.

Raindrops on the Calla Lily (I), 1.9.17

Raindrops on the Calla Lily (II), 1.9.17

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I was looking at this view you see below. We had taken a train trip from here to Chicago to NYC, and I was attending the IDRS convention that was being held at NYU.

This year the convention is in Tokyo. It would have been a fantastic trip, but no one sent me plane tickets, and I couldn’t find it anywhere on the train schedule. Oh well.

New York City, 8.8.14New_York_City,_8.8.14

One Year Ago Today

A student who was at her final lesson one year ago today brought me a lovely azalea that was in bloom so I quickly made some photos. The plant now resides in our yard, and appears to be healthy, but no blooms this year. I’m hoping next year it will be happy and show us some color. Every time I see it I think of my dear student Megan and wonder how she is faring in her college adventures.

Pink Azalea, 5.2.15