Well I Have a Bird Too

… and it’s a white-faced ibis.

I don’t know exactly how or why I landed on a grouping of photos from a visit with birds since this is back in my 2015 folder, but I did*. Funny, since we were just up at Stellar Gallery to attend the reception that featured David Hoffman and Dan’s images of birds. Believe me, their work is amazing and I don’t pretend to be a photographer of birds. I still like this guy, though. So I’m sharing it. Because I can.

*And I just remembered how I landed in 2015: I was actually going to a flower image that needed some more work done. So back I go to the folder …

Plegadis chihi, 1.1.15

Looking Back

… again … as I’m still going through a certain folder. I have reached 2017, which means I’m nearing the end of that folder. This image reminds me of a sort of silouette-ish close-to-sepia-toned picture my mom had on her family room wall. I could kick myself for not taking it when we were cleaning out her house: ah, hindsight!

4:34 PM on 1.1.17

Filoli’s Percy

I took a nice little visit to Filoli today, and hit it at a good time: great cloud cover but no rain and very little breeze until I was nearing time to leave.

Percy greeted visitors today just as he did the last time I came. He was right by the visitor’s center and nearly impossible, really, to miss. Smart move, you show-off! Clearly he was ready for his close-up.

Percy, 4.11.17Percy,_4.11.17.jpg