Testing an App

I was always bothered that my iPhone camera wouldn’t shoot in raw, and I’d read that the PureShot app was a good one, so I gave that a go on our trip last week. While a camera is still the best option (when I zoom in the detail isn’t great, the PureShot is definitely an improvement over the Apple camera option.

Sun on Yellow Flowers, Carrizo Plain, 4.1.19

Desert Memories

I’ve moved back in time a wee bit: I had made it up to mid-April with my 2018 images when I decided to tackle the Death Valley trip Dan and I took. I still puzzle over how to shoot landscapes, and I struggle with the larger Death Valley images. I’ll keep working on them, though!

Here are three I will go ahead and share for now:

Desert Winds Pano, 3.26.18

Desert Lines, 3.27.18

Sitck ‘ Sand, 3.27.18

Looking Back

I have a lot of photos from our recent trip that could be reviewed and worked on (or dumped). Instead, though, I have gone back a year. I suspect it’s because Dan is in on a Sierra trip right now and this is my way of coping. Or something.

This is from our pack trip. (Dan is currently with some of the same men who were on the trip I was able to take.) We had some wonderful weather while we were out … I love it when rain comes in or even just threatens to do so.

A Cloudy Afternoon, 8.30.17