More about the Camera & Lens

Since I have a bit of time … here is a photo I shot mostly to see how well I could focus. Then I wondered what would happen if I cropped the image. So you see the original and then a cropped version and finally a real close-up of Mr. Ant. I normally don’t share images of a higher quality (you can buy a print for that!), but in this case I am, since I want to show things in better detail.

Not bad for a hand held image!

Ant on an Echeveria

Cropped Version:

Finally a major crop:

Continuing to Learn

Today’s five mile walk was so lovely: the cloud cover and temps in the 50s made it such fun. I didn’t see a ton to catch my eye for photos, but I did need to practice with my new 35mm lens so I stopped on occasion just to play around. Much of what I did isn’t anything workable, but here is a straight out of the camera (SOOC) image, just to share what it can do hand-held and with no post processing. Not bad, really! I will still think of my 100mm as THE lens, but this one seems as if it’ll be a great one for traveling.

SOC: Gerbera, 12.11.19

First Day with a New Lens

I absolutely love working with my Canon 100mm macro lens. It truly is quite the remarkable lens, and it’s my go-to one. I have been taking it on my walks ever since we purchased it. Poor Dan … he’s yet to try it, since it’s always in my possession. (But truly, I’ve offered to sacrifice it for a while and he declines.)

But the 100mm macro is big, and it’s heavy.

When Dan and I take trips overseas we do carryon only (yes, even for our 35 day trip a few years ago that included wedding clothes!), and I wanted to see if I could find a set up that would allow me to have less weight in my shoulder bag.

I received my new 60mm Canon lens last Friday and was finally able to put it to the test on my eleven (really) mile walk today. I think it works fairly well!

I can’t use it with my 5D Mark ii, but I take my Rebel SL2 on my long trips because it’s so much lighter anyway — on these trips every ounce counts! I go so far as to weigh all my clothing to see what works best for my Osprey Porter backpack (I’m linking to the older version, which is what I have: I much prefer it to their newer one, actually).

But enough rambling. This is just to say I’m pretty darn happy with this lens. I’ll also bring along my tiny Canon 24mm lens. I’m not sure if I’ll invest in a zoom or not — I’m spending far too much money — but I think that a zoom would complete the mix.

White Papaver nudicaule, 4.30.18White_Papaver_nudicaule,_4.30.18.jpg