I’ve not been using my camera much at all. Between getting ill, a bad knee, opera and symphony, and my teaching schedule, photography has had to take a distant back seat. Today, though, I managed a two mile walk (thank you ibuprofen!) and I’m hoping to continue doing two miles until I’m completely healed.

I can’t blame only the things I mentioned above, though. I’ve been in a photography slump. (I’ve not been in a processing slump: I have plenty of photos from past years to work on!) Slumps happen, and I know not to worry. I wade through them and eventually my eye will be back to seeing things to shoot, I’m sure.

Of course having written that, I DID manage to take a few photos today. Here is the first shot. I continue to try and find “that” shot of these blooms. I’ll get there … eventually.

A funny thing about this image is that I’m using the 4:3 ratio rather than my typical 3:2 and I rather like it. Dan uses 4:3 nearly all the time. Go figure.

First Shot: Magnolia, 3.4.19

First Shot

This is merely my first shot of the day, and I’m hopeful some that follow this will be print-worthy. But a first shot is a first shot so up it goes!

I didn’t think I’d be doing any shooting on today’s walk: I’m preoccupied with the “stuff of life” and only took the camera knowing that IF I saw something that stopped me in my tracks I’d be angry with myself for leaving it at home.

A yellow magnolia did the trick.

I don’t recall seeing a yellow magnolia before. I’ve walked down the street on which this was made many times, but I guess I just never happened upon this tree in bloom before.

Clearly I focused more on the stamen and less on the carpels, and I prefer the latter as the focal point. Still, you certainly get the idea of the color here! The petals, by the way, are actually outer sepals and inner petals, known as the perianth.

First Shot: Yellow Magnolia, 2.25.16