Looking Back

… again … as I’m still going through a certain folder. I have reached 2017, which means I’m nearing the end of that folder. This image reminds me of a sort of silouette-ish close-to-sepia-toned picture my mom had on her family room wall. I could kick myself for not taking it when we were cleaning out her house: ah, hindsight!

4:34 PM on 1.1.17

Looking Back

I was looking in Lightroom for images of friends so I could put little photos into my contact list (it’s always nice to see the person’s image on iMessage … at least I think so!), so I ended up going over old photos that I never really looked at. (Sometimes after getting home from a trip I get the photos in Lightroom and then forget about that, which is rather silly, but oh well!)

You can see that this is from a while back … I don’t even remember the day, to be honest, but from what I’m seeing in Lightroom I do believe I had a lovely time.

7:23 PM on 4.3.14