First Shot

The weather here is about perfect for nice walks: it’s warm enough that I don’t need a jacket, and overcast enough that I don’t need my big sunhat. I start out just a wee bit chilled, but a mile in I’m perfectly comfortable. Today the wind even cooperated and I could shoot flowers fairly easily. I didn’t do a lot — I’ve gotten pickier and pickier about whether it’s worth it to stop for a flower since I have been at this for so long — but it’s definitely camellia time!

This shot was a bit of an accidental one: I was still deciding how to center the flower when my finger unintentionally pushed the button. I’ll have to decide if I want this one or the next for my “final” image, but this is a first shot and there can only be one first shot!

First Shot: Pale Pink Camellia, 1.15.18First_Shot-_Pale_PInk_Camellia,_1.15.18.jpg