Dust Storm

While we were on our little Death Valley trip we did have one dust storm. It was nothing like one we had in the past, where we hunkered down in our motel room and had to block the door with towels, but it did mean we sat in our car to do a bit of shooting.

One photographer decided, instead, to go out on the dunes. I took in a mouthful of sand at one point, just sitting in the car. I can’t imagine what he was dealing with!

I wasn’t really thinking photographically when I shot this. I was thinking more about how crazy that guy was. (If I’d been thinking about the image I would have centered it a wee bit differently, I’m guessing.)

Photographer in a Dust Storm on the Dunes, 4.2.19Photographer_in_a_Dust_Storm_on_the_Dunes,_4.2.19.jpg