Goodnight Flower

This is a flower I saw for the first time on our hike today. I’d love to go back and work more with it, as I think I could get more interesting shots, but this will do for now. I’m fairly sure I identified it correctly, but if someone disagrees I am open to correction.

Lithophragma, 4.15.19

First Shot

After an exhausting week of Aladdin rehearsals and shows, today is a day off. Thankfully Dan suggested we go on a little outing to a nearby county park and I’m so glad he did. I loved the fresh air, and I definitely needed the walk.

Here is my first shot of the day. I know this is lupine, and I”m guessing it might be Lupinus bicolor, but I’m not great at narrowing things down sometimes. No matter what, the field of them was lovely.

First Shot: Lupine, 4.15.19