First Shot

After yesterday’s lengthy walk I opted for a shorter, less-than-four-mile walk today. I did only a bit with the camera, but I did stop early on when I spotted some flowers I’d never seen before. This is a first shot and, initially, I cropped it when I was working in Lightroom. Instead, though, I’m opting to show what I did: yes, I clipped the petal on the left, and I do have later images that are rather nice … but a first shot is a first shot and that’s that. Besides, the focus is on the larger flower, so I guess it works in any case.

What a lovely plant. I’m so happy to add something new to my list of flora, and I do have a few more images I’ll be sharing at a later date.

The common names for this flower are pale yellow-eyed-grass or satin flower.

First Shot: Sisyrinchium striatum, 5.7.19