First Shot

My walk today was a shortish one, but it took a while because flowers kept causing me to stop. I try to go two miles before stopping. I didn’t even make it to one mile when I saw this.

The garden is full of wildflowers and native plants, although I’m not sure everything there was native, though it does boast a certified wildflower sign if I’m remembering correctly. (I’ll have to return and check … it was some sort of certified garden sign in any case.)

This wildflower, with the common name elegant clarkia, comes in several bright colors and is definitely eye-catching. Some of the flowers are frillier than this — sort of like a miniature peony look, really, and I wonder if the other common name, mountain garland, refers to that one. Stay tuned for at least one image of that … eventually. For now, though, a first shot post must obviously be the first shot of the day. And this is it.

First Shot: Clarkia unguiculata, 5.10.19