As I was walking today I saw two trees that were wonderfully green. It isn’t a typical green one sees on trees, and it was mostly blossoms rather than leaves. I got home and did a search and I’m rather sure it’s an elm (ulmas), although I don’t know what kind.

First Shot

While this isn’t a photo I would necessarily print, it’s the first shot. In addition, it’s a tree I only now identified so I’m happy about that. This is a Chilopsis, commonly called the Desert Willow. It’s a member of the Catalpa family, and up until today I just thought of it as a Catalpa tree. Turns out I was wrong. I love learning something new.

First Shot: Chilopsis, 5.10.16


I was taking down my work from Top Nosh Cafe today when a woman there asked if I had any cherry blossom photos.

Good question!

I know I have blossom photos, but I honestly can’t tell you if they are cherry blossoms. When I went online to investigate images I still couldn’t tell how to distinguish. I suppose I need to see what fruit finally appears! I do know that one of these are NOT cherry blossoms.

Anyone care to ID these? I’m always open to getting help.

Blossoms_(II),_2.18.14 Blossoms_(I),_3.10.15 Blossoms_(I),_2.18.14 Pink_Blossoms,_2.23.14 Blossoms_(I),_2.23.14