First Shot

The last time I used my camera, aside from iPhone shots, was January 4. That’s the longest I’ve gone without doing one thing with a camera for a very long time!  First it was due to a bad foot. Then it was a bad cold. Now I have a bad knee but I was not going to allow that to stop me getting out for at least a short walk. I didn’t do much, but there’s always a first shot.

I can’t imagine doing anything big with this image, but I’m delighted that I got out, and this was a lovely plant. And of course a first shot is a first shot! I do hope I’ve identified it correctly.

First Shot: Euphorbia trigona, 2.11.19


I’ve had extra visitors at this site these past few days, and I suspect it’s because I posted a few photos on a local Facebook page.

So welcome … and I hope you visit again! Please feel free to follow the site if you are so inclined.

For now have this image of Euphorbia, again from our very own neighborhood. I find this plant amazing.

Euphorbia, 5.1.18