Another Yellow Osteospermum

A friend had asked me if the little center “flowers” on the yellow osteospermum I posted a while back opened up eventually. I was fairly sure they did, but today I received verification. Clearly the flower really fades as it ages, though: the earlier one was a very bright yellow, and I saw another young flower next to this one and it, too, was a lovely bright yellow. Ah well, we all fade ….

Yellow Osteospermum Center, 1.29.18

Goodnight Flower

Persian Peach Rose, 4.17.17Persian_Peach_Rose,_4.17.17.jpg

I don’t normally write a thing about the goodnight flowers I post, but this one comes with an additional photo that includes my left index finger. I did this to remind myself that this was a miniature rose. (And as you can tell, I don’t do the manicure thing.)

Persian Peach Rose & my index finger, 4.17.17Persian_Peach_Rose_*_my_index_finger,_4.17.17.jpg