The Web

I’m not a spider enthusiast although my photography habit has helped me be less fearful — there is something about having the “protection” of the lens that allows me to get closer to the things. But webs … no fear at all with them, and they are fun when it’s rained. It’s funny to think about really: somewhere there must be a spider who owns the web, yes? Maybe one of these times it’ll pop out at me as I’m getting closer and closer to the raindrops. I wonder.

A Web with Raindrops, 6.9.17A_Web_with_Raindrops,_6.9.17.jpg

Happy Saturday Morning!

It’s merely a three student morning, and then my day is free. I don’t normally do walks on Saturday, but since I had a memorial service yesterday (AND delivered our taxes to the accountant (!!) and got our filthy car washed) and had to skip it I think I could use the walk. Will I take the camera, though? (I don’t like to shoot when there are a lot of people out and about.) Time will tell.
Meanwhile, have something for your Saturday morning. Just because (and yes, I’m now on the month of June in 2017, as I sort through the past year):
Pink & Yellow Gladiolus, 6.6.17Pink_&_Yellow_Gladiolus,_6.6.17.jpg