Goodnight Flower

(Not a single comment at this site on whether I should continue with flowers or not. I guess I’m sharing with myself here. People at Facebook suggested I continue so I will. For now. Things may change, though: talking to one’s self — and sharing with one’s self — can get boring!)

Orange & Cream, 5.23.18

6 thoughts on “Goodnight Flower

  1. PLEASE, PLEASE! CONTINUE! It is to my detriment that I haven’t been visiting your site! OBVIOUSLY. What delights await me (await us all) if I (we) but click over a few electrons to view such loveliness. Keep reminded us, Patty. I know if goes against your nature but do it anyway. Totally worth it for the rest of us! Happy New Year!


      1. Expressing one’s self – even if it is a dramatic monologue is still a good thing. And if anyone overhears you it is a good conversation starter. “Oh you hear the voices too ? ! ? ” As for the responses it is difficult to know what invites and triggers responses. As long as you are getting visits count 75% towards repeat visits. And score those as positive responses.


      2. I don’t really know who visits here, or the numbers. I occasionally check the numbers, but I try not to, as it might make me feel like a failure and I also just don’t want to get too into the number game. (I never was good at math anyway!) 🙂

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