Gift Giving?

I realize it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but this year many of us will be sending gifts through the mail rather than delivering them in person or having people in our homes. If you are interested in sending any boxed card sets I am ready and willing to start the printing! In addition, I will wrap any gifts for free, and then send them off to the address(es) you provide. (I do charge for shipping.)

For now wrapping paper will be what is called “Kraft paper” (a natural light brown color), with accents of either blue, black red, or white and raffia ribbon will be the finishing touch. If enough request it I will purchase distinctly Christmas, other holiday, or birthday wrapping paper, but I think these work well for many holidays, and adding a red and/or green raffia ribbon certainly gives the package the Christmas vibe!

You can select boxed cards by visiting the Card Collection page. There are a lot of options to choose from. If, instead, you have a particular idea for a series and want me to put something new together please feel free to contact me. I love assignments like that, and I assure you if I can’t make it work I will let you know: I refuse to put something together that I think isn’t good enough.

Of course you can also purchase prints, like the one above, and I will package and send those off as well. If you order prints without mats and frames those are shipped rather quickly, but most people prefer at least the matted work, and my frame stock isn’t huge so it’s possible I’d have to order supplies for that, so these need a bit of time to prepare. Prices are listed on the print page.