Red Poppies (small cards)

My card collections are always 8 cards. Always. Well … except when they are sixteen. But never nine. So how will I choose which of these to cut, I wonder? (No, I’m not saying you need to tell me: it really is a decision I have to make!)

Or maybe I should just have a special edition, nine card collection. Hmm.

In any case, it was fun to search on “Papaver” to find all these red poppies. I began all this because I was searching for images I could use for a new Christmas collection after posting the earlier poppy (in the center of this grouping … and possibly the weak link, really), but honestly I don’t think these work for Christmas. Still, I do like them, and they make pretty cards.

(I noted in the subject that these are the small card images. That’s because they are cropped for that size. Larger cards will show more of the original image, most likely. )

UPDATE: I’ve now printed 5×7 cards. To give you an idea of what the difference is (rather minimal, really, but do you notice it? I prefer these ones below.) between the crops, here are those images:

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