And Another!

This rainy day has me getting a bit more done on cards than usual. I’ve now assembled a box of Abstract Flora. Most are still recognizable as flora … which makes me think maybe I should have called the box Almost Abstract.

Hm. Might have to rethink the name, right?

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.52.33 AM.png


It is a beautifully rainy day here: we need as much of the wet stuff as we can get, so it’s great for that reason, but I just love rain, so there’s that, too! Soon our golden hills will be showing more of what I call “new green”, but for now have this taro leaf with sun shining through. I shared this with my photo critique group and it seemed to get their seal of approval. I’m pondering … perhaps a card set of green? Or maybe of abstracts?

Or both.

Time will tell.

Sun through Green, 1.23.18Sun_through_Green,_1.23.18.jpg