The All Of It

I don’t frequently shoot what I call “the all of it” photo, and I especially tend to avoid it when it comes to flora photography. I prefer getting up close and personal, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen my work.

Today on my walk, though, I took a step back with this plant. I wanted to get what I call a “record shot” so I could show the whole thing to anyone who is unfamiliar with it. These grow in abundance in our area, but unless you get up close you don’t necessarily see how amazing the flowers are: they are rather small and I really should remember to bring a ruler along sometime to get a precise measurement.

In any case here is an “all of it” shot (although I’m still rather close, to be honest):

Hardenbergia violacea (I), 1.23.15


Here is something a wee bit closer:

Hardenbergia violacea (II), 1.23.1

Floral Friday

Over on Google+ (the link takes you directly to my page on G+) there is something called “Floral Friday”. I used to participate every week, but these days I’ve been somewhat discombobulated (a word one has to use on occasion just because it’s so darn fun even while being discombobulated isn’t fun at all) and I’ve neglected that. Today, though, I am remembering that it is Friday (days seem to melt into one another and I can’t keep track) and I’m also remembering to post this flower. With it I greet any readers here as well. Good Friday morning to you!

Lavender Rose, 1.6.15Lavender_Rose,_1.6.15