Goodnight Flower

I took this way back in 20016, and never did anything with it. Today, though, I was looking at images from that year and decided to play around with it a bit. I also used the PlantSnap app which identified it quickly, and I do hope it is correct. Images online match up, so I’m hopeful.

It’s also called Feijoa sellowiana I believe (but I’m a bit confused about this so perhaps a botonist will help me out), and a common name is pineapple guava. It’s native to South America.

Acca sellowiana, 5.2.16

First Shot

The last time I used my camera, aside from iPhone shots, was January 4. That’s the longest I’ve gone without doing one thing with a camera for a very long time! ¬†First it was due to a bad foot. Then it was a bad cold. Now I have a bad knee but I was not going to allow that to stop me getting out for at least a short walk. I didn’t do much, but there’s always a first shot.

I can’t imagine doing anything big with this image, but I’m delighted that I got out, and this was a lovely plant. And of course a first shot is a first shot! I do hope I’ve identified it correctly.

First Shot: Euphorbia trigona, 2.11.19

Happy Monday Morning to You

For most I suppose “happy” isn’t the way you look at Mondays: I would guess many are back to work after a nice weekend. I, my colleagues, and so many in the performing world, on the other hand, have our weekend today. This is the musician’s life much of the time. This past “weekend” (for most of you) was the opening weekend of Opera San Jos√©‘s run of Jake Heggie‘s Moby-Dick. It was a good opening, but the music is demanding of careful attention and is fairly exhausting for most of us. I’m on principal oboe and I have quite a number of solos that keep me on my toes. They are fun and beautiful solos to play, but it still requires my constant attention. Today will be spent relaxing, taking a walk (if my bad knee allows), and getting this house back to where it should be. The house gets ignored during opening week, wouldn’t you know.

Meanwhile, I celebrate my big weekend day with this rose from the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden.

Festival Fanfare Rose (I), 5.9.16