Good Morning!

Happy Saturday to one and all.

I’ve now started reviewing (and working on) my March, 2014 photos. It’ll be so much fun to see what’s in there: I don’t believe I’ve revisited some of these since I downloaded them, due to busy times. March 1st had us in Yosemite, since Dan had a photo in the Yosemite Renaissance exhibit (as he does again this year). Even when in Yosemite I tend to pull out the macro lens. I just can’t help myself! I’m hoping someone will take one look at this and tell me what tree this is. Surely somebody out there knows …?

Yosemite Tree, 3.1.14

A Busy Day & A Goodnight Flower

I had time for a walk, but not much time for anything else aside from my opera rehearsal and teaching. Thus, only this post today.

I don’t know what this flower is. I have posted it on a Flickr Group page called “What Plant is That?” and I’m hoping someone there will identify it. I should, though, go back and take a better “all of it” photo if I really want it identified. Fortunately I know exactly where I found it: there’s a house nearby that has a lovely front yard full of a variety of bulbs. (I’m fairly sure this is a bulb.) For now I’ll just call it by what I see when I look at it with my sometimes crazy eyes.

(I have since learned that this is Chasmanthe.)

Slippers at the end of the Rainbow, 1.30.15

Goodnight Flower

I’ve now managed to get through all of February 2014 photos. I have a few things there I’m surprised I’d not worked on yet. I have a few others I worked on and wonder why I bothered! This is why it’s a good idea to wait to dump photos … and perhaps wait to post them as well.

For now … have this goodnight flower. And yes, it’s from last February.

Orange Tulip, 2.25.14

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho …

… and so opera begins. This means I’ll have a little less time for walks, and certainly won’t get one in today. I will quickly post this photo and head off to figure out which reeds will work for the first rehearsal.

Some camellias grow flower back-to-back. I find them so lovely, but not easy to capture. Here is one of my first tries this year.

Back-to-Back Camellias, 1.27.15