Goodnight Flower

I’m more than halfway through my March 2014 photos now. Some have me scratching my head, wondering what in the world I was thinking because there is simply nothing there to bother with. Others leave me scratching my head because I can’t believe I didn’t do anything with them when I looked at them the first time. This does make me wonder what more I’ll find in 2014. I have a long way to go!

Now, though, I don’t have a long distance to go at all: I need to hit the hay and my pillow is quite close by. I will leave you with this collection of pink poppies. I’m still trying to remember the location of these flowers. So much of the time I know exactly where I found something, but these? Nope. Not a clue, aside from knowing they were in my neighborhood.

Pink Poppies, 3.19.14