Strelitzia reginae

I have an image in my head that I have been working on capturing that is all about the Bird of Paradise. This is a plant I used to really dislike. I found them cold and arrogant, if one can assign personalities to flowers (and if I’m allowed to do so, let me also let you know that the zinnia is a party animal flower!). After spending time with the Strelitzia reginae, which is its botanical name, I’ve learned to love these birds.

Photography has done so much to enrich my life. I see the world differently. I even hear things differently, which is a bit inexplicable, but there you go. I’m happier. I get out a whole lot more. I talk to strangers. For this introvert that’s a rather big deal.

And I’ve learned to enjoy flowers I used to hate.

I love how that worked out!

Here is my First Shot from today’s little 5.9 mile walk. (Darn, missed 6 by only a tenth. Had I looked at my iPhone and seen that I would have done a quick trek to get it up to 6!) I’m debating about cropping. That orange is, perhaps, a distraction. Bu that orange is also a big part of the Bird of Paradise. I’ll have to ponder that for a while. Is this the image in my head that I’m wanting to print large? Doubtful. But I’ll print a smaller version and see what I think.

(Side note: Speaking of printing … what you see on a computer and what you see in a print can catch a new photographer off guard. Computers can make a dull image brighter because of the light. I always print small first to see just how things work on paper. If you haven’t tried printing, don’t be surprised to see images you aren’t thrilled with at first. It takes a while to figure it all out.)

First Shot: Strelitzia reginae, 2.19.15

Oh … and in case you don’t know. The petals are the blue parts. The orange (which is barely seen here) are sepals. The flower (those petals and sepals) come out of what is called the spathe.

News you can use. Maybe.