Unsharp Saturday

For some reason I keep having to remind myself that today is Saturday. I suppose having to cancel all my morning students, the “eye issue” with Dan, and then a memorial service just threw me off completely. I nearly forgot, in fact, that it’s #unsharpsaturday over on Google+‚Äč. Oops!

Here’s some unsharp color for you!

Unsharp Fuchsia, 2.2.15

Goodnight Flower

I will say goodnight with this Bird of Paradise I shot on my last walk. (I’d say “today’s walk” but since it’s past midnight I suppose it’s not today any longer!)

I’m still deciding which Bird will the THE shot that I will print. I’m having a difficult time deciding, since all of them have their unique and interesting qualities. Some petals are blue, some purple, some grayish blue or purple. And I love ’em all!

Bird of Paradise (I) 2.20.15