Goodnight Flower

Time to say goodnight, and I’ll do so with something from the last day of March, 2014. Dan and I were doing a Death Valley trip. Seeing the photos again makes me yearn to go back. Sadly I can’t manage to escape anytime in the near future. It’s wonderful to have work, but I wish I could head back to that amazing place.

Psorothamnus fremontii (Indigo Bush), 3.31.14

Filoli Opened Today!

I took a little trek to the place, and while there isn’t a ton blooming yet, I just find it so peaceful to roam the grounds. I did find hellebores, camellias, daffodils and few other things blooming. There was great evidence of things to come as well, namely the tulips! Those are always the highlight of the year. Below is my first shot of the day. Only after thinking I was about to head home did I look at my camera and realize I had the darn thing set wrong: I had turned the stabilizer off! Ah well. I’m going to guess I’ll have a lot of blurry photos. Sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes a little blur can be fun to work with. But sometimes not. Only time will tell.

First Shot: Filoli Daffodil, 3.10.15
First Shot-Filoli_Daffodil,_3.10.15