Good Morning Birds!

Revisiting my photos from January and February. (I was actually searching for something that might fit the “Indigo” part of the rainbow, as I’m doing a rainbow series. Looks like indigo might have to be skipped over, as I want just the right thing and nothing is screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!”) Typical me: as I am searching I am distracted by something else.

Ah well … why not share a few of these birds, with which (whom?!) I will say good morning!?

Cranes & Geese in Fog (I), 2.13.15

Oh how I love these birds. When I look through all the shots — and believe me there are a ton! — I get the sound of the birds in my head as well. They are not timid and quiet little things, to be sure.

On this particular day we saw birds NOT of a feather flocking together. Or something like that. Cranes. Geese. Egrets. All on the field together. What a sight!

I don’t think I managed to get many shots with more than one egret, but trust me, they were there. Here you can see one in the front. He looks as if he’s posing and saying, “Well yes, it IS all about me!” Or maybe I just have a crazy imagination. (And ironically, as I look at this post, I see my watermark blocking much of said egret. I guess it’s all about me instead. Hah!)

Cranes, Geese & One Egret in Fog, 2.13.15

Goodnight Flower

Oh gosh … look at the time! That’s what matting and framing will do, I guess. Seven down. Eight (or maybe even nine) to go. Must be done before Thursday evening. I will make it happen!

For now, though, it’s time to hit the hay. Here’s a goodnight flower. I’m not satisfied enough to print something like this (at least I don’t think so!), but I’d not seen a red, white and green tulip quite like this before.

Tulip in Red, White & Green, 2.19.15