First Shot & Getting Reds Right

First Shot: Red Ranunculus, 2.18.15

Reds are tricky, as anyone with a camera can tell you. Getting the color true to what our eye sees can take time. This, though, is truly what my eyes saw. And it was lovely. I had to desaturate (WordPress tells me that desaturate isn’t a word. Funny.) the flower in order to get the red to work properly, and work a bit with contrast as well. But this is it. Finally.

Good Morning and a Bit ‘o Chatter

We have another overcast day here, but no rain. I will continue to hope and pray we don’t have yet another dry month, but February is passing by and we’ve certainly not had many days where I’ve had to keep the camera home because of the wet stuff.

I’ve been slow about getting this site fully operational. I do plan on having galleries. I do plan on having information about sales as well. It’s just taking more time that I would have liked, mostly because it’s the less fun part of photography.

Meanwhile, it’s time for a walk, so I will leave you with this flower and be on my way. I know this is Malva, but I’m not sure about which species. Maybe a reader out there will fill me in. (I’m not as familiar with this flower, even while it is seen a good amount in our neighborhood.) This was from yesterday’s walk.

Malva (I), 2.17.15