Goodnight Flower

I walked six miles. I taught (only) one student. I worked on some photos and even printed a couple to see if they are “wall worthy”  (Still deciding on them.) because of some upcoming fun (Stay tuned!). But mostly? Well, I finally balanced our checking and savings accounts (only one month of those) and THEN tackled the credit card. I hadn’t realized I’d not balanced that in over three months. Ack! (And yes, I still balance all of our accounts. I know that’s becoming a thing of the past, but I guess I’m a girl of the past, so there you go.)

Now I think it’s time to hit the hay, so I’ll go ahead and post my goodnight flower in case I actually do manage to step away from the computer.

News flash: Lavender isn’t always lavender.

Lavender (I), 2.17.15