Calibrating Paper DOES Make a Difference!

When I was working on my photos for the Sierra Art Trails exhibit I had to print using Dan‘s larger printer, as mine only handles a maximum of 13×17 paper and I was printing on 17×22. First up was an all-green photo. The thing was SO wrong it was crazy. The green was too green-blue. It looked awful, and with Dan’s help (major help, really) the color was finally where it belonged. Due to that, and some other problems we’ve encountered with color when printing from either computer to either printer, we opted to purchase the quite costly ColorMunki Photo device.

What a difference that tool makes!

It takes time, but with the device one can calibrate using each paper that is used with each printer. Printing out a color test sheet after setting up the proper paper choices, you run the device over each row of colors. After it deals with that a second sheet is printed and you repeat the process. That sure made a difference with the way things are printing.

I also calibrated my computer again, this time using ColorMunki Photo rather than the ColorMunki Smile (the MUCH less expensive choice that I’d originally opted to purchase). Smile will be moved to laptop only use, and I’ll go with Photo from now on with the big screen: it did seem to be slightly different, and has more options.

If you are having color issues, I can highly recommend this tool. The amount of time I spend on color adjustment — PLUS the amount of paper — has been greatly reduced.

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