A friend at work asked about getting more than one image put together as one so I ordered some custom mats for such a thing. In no way is the image below a great one: I simply put things on our carpet and took an iPhone shot! It does give viewers an idea, though, of what I can do if anyone ever wants to purchase something like this. I could do this with architecture images as well and I think it would look pretty darn nice!

Hindsight is Not Helpful

There are times when I could just kick myself! This is one of those. When we were on our big trip this past summer we went to the New York Botanical Gardens because there was an O’Keeffe exhibit there of her work from her Hawaii trip. Just outside the exhibit I shot this image.


I should have used my Rebel. Perhaps, then, I could have made a print that was large enough to share with my photo review group tomorrow. I’ve done all I could to make it presentable and, sadly, it just won’t work. In hindsight I wish I’d bothered to take the time with my good camera!

Hindsight is, as I wrote above, not at all helpful.

Still, it’s a cool image. Similar to the image I posted earlier, I could print it in card size, I’m guessing.

At the Botanical Garden in New York, 8.5.18

Too Soft?

Sometimes I think I’ve got a shot and I get home and find I missed it because I didn’t manage to get the focus quite right. That can happen a lot with macrophotography. It’s one reason I shoot a ton of images just to get one shot. A bit of a breeze makes for a missed shot. A bit of a movement on my part does as well since I shoot handheld on these walks of mine.

So when is soft too soft? In this instance I think this is too soft to work for a large print. A smaller image or perhaps a small card should work, and if I do a series of Osteospermum I just might include this. I printed a 12×18 image, thinking I might share it at our photo review meeting tomorrow, but I just don’t think I can. Oh well … the flower is long gone now, so another attempt can’t be made.

And I still think this is pretty, despite the softness.

(I should note that the images I share here are NOT shown at the highest quality, so if you enlarge it you will certainly not like the image as it will probably appear pixilated. I do this in order to try and avoid having images stolen … on the off chance some bot or something does that sort of thing. I know readers here wouldn’t think of doing that!)

Shy Osteospermum, 2.12.18

For Janet Sims

For those who don’t know, photography is my passion and I love to share it with others. I’m attempting to make it a bit of a “light profession”.

But … music is my “real job”. Today a colleague of many years played her last concert with us in the Symphony Silicon Valley orchestra. (She has another job, so this isn’t a retire from it all  thing, but it’s a pretty big deal to leave the orchestra and I will miss her presence.)

So here’s to a new season … wishing you all the best in your symphony retirement, Janet!

I give you … wait for it … a viola for your retirement.

Purple, White, & Yellow Viola Tricolor, 2.14.18